How often are ads updated?
With our exclusive technology, our ads do not require manual validation and are thus updated in real time.

Because of this system, you need to act fast once a new ad has been published. Don't hesitate to use our powerful e-mail alert system (see questions below).
Can the Le Cube Immo portal be consulted from anywhere?
Certainly. Thanks to the Internet, 1.4 billion people (including 350 million Europeans) can view your ads from anywhere and in their native language.
Does your automatic translation system produce the same mediocre results we are used to seeing?
No. Unlike other real estate sites that offer several languages, we don't use automatic translation. Instead, our ads are automatically generated using exclusive technology resulting from over two years of collaboration by a team of real estate agencies, linguists, IT experts and translators. Ad quality is perfect in all languages, and foreign buyers can thus use the Le Cube Immo portal as though it were a national portal in their own language.
Why should I choose Le Cube Immo for my ad?
Too many reasons to be listed here, but a few minutes browsing the site should be enough to convince you that Le Cube Immo is the ideal solution for the quick sale of your property.

That said, here are just a few of the reasons Le Cube Immo is so successful:
  • Ad prices (don't hesitate to compare)
  • Functionalities (among the most comprehensive)
  • Multilingual ads (widespread circulation)
  • User-friendly site that buyers appreciate (easy browsing, clear presentation, detailed ads, etc.)

In fact, the best way to convince you to place your ad on Le Cube Immo... is to check out the competition.!
Interesting concept... but there are already other multilingual portals.
True, there are other sites with ads in several languages, but:
  • Only rarely are they geared towards private sellers.
  • Their functionalities are much more limited than those of Le Cube Immo.
  • They often have no more than two or three languages (compared to 6 for Le Cube Immo).
  • The quality of the ads in other languages is generally quite inferior to the ads on Le Cube Immo. We are the only ones who do NOT use automatic translation. If you are fluent in several languages, test it for yourself... you'll soon see what makes us stand out from the rest!
Selling to a foreign buyer? How does it work?
Can I memorise an ad?
Yes. To memorise an ad so you can view it later, click on the icon in the ad's fact sheet. It will be memorised in your Customer Area and you can view it again at any time.
How to place an ad?
To publish an ad:
  • Click on Place an ad in the menu bar (at the top of each page of the site).
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, then click on Create.
  • Fill in the form on the page that opens as accurately as possible.
  • When you have finished entering your information, click on Validate. The ad is saved in your Customer Area until payment has been received.
  • If you opt to pay by credit card (secure payment) or Paypal, the ad will go on-line immediately. If you prefer to pay by transfer, the ad will go on-line once payment has been received.
Can I place a want ad?
If you are looking for property to buy, you have two options:
  • Create an e-mail alert to receive ads that match your search criteria on a daily basis
  • Place a want ad (option available shortly)
How many photos can I include with my ad?
You can include up to 10 photos and/or maps of your property free of charge.
What is the cost of placing an ad?
If you are a private seller, consult the page For Sale By Owner rates. If you are a real estate professional, consult the page Professional rates.
Do I have to write the ad in the different languages myself?
Absolutely not! You don't even have to write it in your own language! Our exclusive intelligent ad creation system automatically creates ads from the information you have provided. This produces standardised ads that are pleasant to read and completely error-free (in all languages).
Can I modify my ad once it is on-line?
Once an ad has been paid for, you have 72 hours to make any changes you wish. After that time, most of the information can still be modified, except for the basic features of the property: type, location, surface area, etc.
Can I renew my ad?
Once your ad has expired, you can renew it for a discount of 20%.
What methods of payment are accepted?
You can pay for your order with the following:
  • Credit card (secure payment) - your ad goes on-line immediately
  • Paypal (whether you have an account or not) - your ad goes on-line immediately
  • Bank transfer - your ad goes on-line upon receipt of payment
How long until my ad goes on-line?
If you pay by credit card, your ad goes on-line immediately. Otherwise, your ad goes on-line upon receipt of your payment.
Can I place an ad for property located abroad?
Yes, ads can be placed for all countries.
How do I add a virtual tour?
You can add a virtual tour by indicating its URL, or uploading a panoramic photo.
Before publishing an ad, can I see what it will look like, especially in the other languages?
You can view existing ads, and you can also display a preview of your ad exactly as it will appear on the site (in all languages), before proceeding with payment.
What is the map module and how can I take advantage of it?
The map module displays a map on your ad sheet that enables visitors to locate your property. This module is very useful for visitors who are not familiar with your region, particularly foreign visitors.

The map module is currently FREE with all of our ads.
I am selling a building. Under what category should I place my ad?
There are two possibilities:
  • If you are selling an entire building, choose the Building section.
  • If you are selling the flats separately, you should place an ad by type of flat (discounted rates apply) in the Flat section. Bear in mind that if you choose the Building section, your ad will not be shown to visitors searching for flats.
How do I create an e-mail alert?
To add an alert, do a search and click on Create an alert in the results page or the fact sheet of an ad. A window will open showing the criteria you used for your search. You can modify this default criteria if you wish, and then click on Validate. The alert is thus added to Your alerts/searches in your Customer Area, and you are free to modify, disactivate or delete it, as well as display ad matches at any time.
Do e-mail alerts expire?
No, but you can disactivate or delete them.
What can I do in my Customer Area?
Your Customer Area is like a control room for your real estate project, where you can:
  • Create an alert
  • Memorise ads
  • Set your preferences
  • Consult your ad
  • Place an ad
  • Consult your invoices
  • Print your property posters
Can I modify my personal information?
Yes, you can modify your personal information via your Customer Area.
I forgot my password. What should I do?
In the log on page, click on Forgot your password?, then enter your e-mail and click on Send. You will receive your password by e-mail.
What is the "Print a poster" function?
When you place an ad, you can print a poster for your property (in different formats), to advertise your property in stores and supermarkets, at your office, on your car, etc.
I can't add photos to my ad.
The following constraints apply to photos and/or maps:
  • Only select photos in landscape format (i.e. wider than they are tall).
  • File size is limited to a maximum of 100 KB.
  • Only files in JPG/JPEG format are authorised.

You can use any photo touch-up software to resize your photos, like the one that comes with your digital camera, or any other software (Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, XnView, etc.).

Didn't find your question in the FAQ? Don't hesitate to contact us:
  • By e-mail (Quick response guaranteed, generally in less than 24 hours.)

Selling property?

The Le Cube Immo site is for property owners who want to reach potential buyers:
  • Locally
  • Nationally
  • Internationally
This site is made for you if:
  • You want to post a very detailed ad (text, photos, etc.) to avoid unnecessary visits.
  • You are targeting potential buyers who are not necessarily in your region and are thus looking for specific information before making a trip to visit the property (for the purchase of a holiday home, following a work transfer, retiring to another region, etc.)
  • You are targeting potential buyers who are not fluent in English and who wish to view ads in another language.
  • You are targeting a foreign clientele.
  • You want to take your time and sell for the best price, taking advantage of our option to publish your ad until the sale of your property.